Frozen Ghost - me on the field

It isn't furry (except for the collar, as I said earlier) but here's a shot of me in that winter game I wrote about. It was very early on in the game; I was one of three people keeping the entire Blue team from charging into the woods, using up three whole pods of paint in about 15 minutes...

Early-bird walk-on game at the field on the 29th of this month; wish y'all could be there. :)
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So it's been over four years since I regularly played paintball. I did some online work for PB2X Magazine while it was still around, and that was in 2003-2006 until I kinda fell out due to cost and me moving to an area where the nearest field was 30 miles away, paint ran about $70/case (compared to the $25/30 deal I'd get from my home field in Chambersburg, PA) and no one had N2/HPA fills. Sorry, but I wasn't about to drop $150ish on a Scuba tank (I know I can get them cheaper).

So at one point, I had several guns. Another part that lead to me falling out of regular play was when I got screwed over in a deal for a E-mag and Warp feed that I really wanted. Traded a bare-bones Eclipseblade Autococker for it, and found out that I needed to replace half the shit in the gun.

The guns that I had at the time were these: 2 Tippmann 98Cs, Tippman A5, Automag Classic, 2K2 Right-feed 'Cocker with a Freak. My dad had his Armotech (now called Ariakon) SIM-4 Elite stolen a few months beforehand as well.

There are a few fields here in Erie, PA that I've seen around, but it just costs too much to go out and play anymore. I'm really wanting to get into stock/pump play, but I'm not in the mood to drop $500 on a Carter Buzzard (my dream pump) or $400 on a good setup for a Phantom.

Fun fun.

FROZEN GHOST game report - Feb 28, 2009


We won.


Frozen Ghost is an annual winter big game played at Adrenaline Paintball, my home field, just south of Melbourne Ontario. This year it was touch and go as to whether it would even be winter, but happily the temperatures plunged the day before the game - though not before rain had washed away almost all the snow.

Around 80 players showed up despite -14C temperatures that morning. About half were experienced scenario players; only two had never played before. We all had about an hour and a half to get dressed, chrono, do running repairs, get briefed by our generals, and get inserted. Things went surprisingly smoothly given the cold, and the game began only a few minutes late.

Right off my team (Red) dominated the game. In fact, by the two hour mark we hadn't just pushed through Blue's defenses at Juno Beach, we'd actually advanced all the way to their main base and accomplished almost all the objectives! The poor refs ended up having to ad lib some challenges for us just to keep the game going, but after lunch all that was left to do was to have us switch sides and start all over - and Red still took quick control of the field, though not as overwhelmingly as in the morning. I give full credit to our general, who knew how to take advantage of a changing tactical situation and how to make best use of his medics. He was also pretty good at motivation, getting even the most timid of us to charge weak positions when it would allow us to make significant gains.

Blue's main difficulty seemed to be that they were largely anchored by three scenario teams. You'd think this would be an advantage, but in this case it hurt them - they weren't used to playing except as close-knit teams and this meant they often had too many players concentrated in one place, making them easy to thin out. Red's personnel were mostly independant players who could easily be given individual objectives. Indeed, it wasn't uncommon for a Red player to volunteer for some detached role that would take them away from any covering fire. We also threw together a three-man team of volunteers who had one specific assignment - to guard a critical bridge. They were so effective and enjoyed the assignment so much that they kept that duty all day, and only once let Blue's players through (briefly - when we heard the bridge had been taken, a squad was sent back and eliminated them in short order) despite being outnumbered two to one.

In the end Red scored 2500 and Blue 2200. Cases of paint were given to all the medics, who had done an outstanding job, and a new Proto mask was given to one Blue player who had somehow managed to bloody his own nose while on the field. How he managed that I can't even guess...

For myself, this was my first Big Game in 11 years, and I had a great time despite being horrendously out of shape. I'd been hoping for snow, mostly because I'd finished the last of my all-white winter gear on Wednesday, but instead I was rather prominently visible against a backdrop of brown grass and grey trees. Luckily it was a bit too cold even for 'winter' paint (Rampage Bite) and no-one's shots were much on target. That, plus wearing all white meant that even when I was hit and the ball didn't bounce, you couldn't tell...

I pulled a few flags, made some pretty spectacular charges into Blue territory, kept a lot of guys pinned down and ineffective, and picked up a lot of tactical ideas I'll want to remember for next time. I also discovered that my anti-fog coating was useless and that I need to get more exercise, but both of those can be attended to before the next field day. Isolde, my BKO marker, performed with her customary ICD competence, but I found that in these conditions she's a bit of a pig when it comes to air consumption. Less happy was my experience with my new-old Halo B hopper, which ate its first set of batteries even before the game started. I chose to stick with gravity feed for the day, until I can find out why the Halo won't shut off. Ever.

ObFurry - I'm saving my new paintball fursuits for opening day, April 18, so the closest I got was the wolf fur collar (genuine, bought years ago at a thrift store) on my vest. Maybe for next winter I can add a powderpuff tail and bunny ears...

Whattaya think, sirs?
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Saying hey

Hey. <ggg>

This group looks like a good idea. I know at least a few furs play; having a furry-friendly place to talk about it makes sense.

An introduction seems apropos here... I've been playing since 1996 or so, indoor and out, mostly on Ontario but once in Pennsylvania, and the World's Biggest Game in Jim Thorpe. Most of that time I've played in a lion fursuit (really!) though lately I've found it expedient to put together some more gear for different purposes. I've played speedball and X-ball a few times but vastly prefer woodsball, especially scenario games.

All but one of my markers (an old Brass Eagle King Cobra in need of repair) are Indian Creek Designs products. I love their stuff - no welds, no castings, almost no plastic, easy to adjust and even easier to maintain. And they're uncommon enough to catch the attention of everfyone on the field, even the guys with the high-end tournament markers and mil-sim guns. :)

Looking forward to getting to know y'all... and yeah, it'd be great to actually meet up and play a bit at some point, before/after a con or at a Big Game or some such. I never, ever travel without at least one marker; you never know when you'll find a field to try out!
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Hello form CO

Well only been paintballing once.  Over a year ago... Havent found anyone wanting to since.  Tho i went and got a used A5 the next day form a pawn shop.  So if anyfur is in the Colorado area pleese reply. =p